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computers affect on society

             In the 1950's, computers were a new race of machines and most common person did not know anything about them. Today, computers and new innovations like the internet has changed the business world and even our daily lives. How did computers change our world and what affect does it have on society; will definitely be answered in it's entirety through this paper. .
             "A computer is sometimes defined as a system that mechanizes the processing of information. Even a manual device may fall under this definition if they are constructed in such a way that moving them by hand can produce the desired answer- (Gary, ¶2). The abacus is the oldest-known mechanical computing aid. Its origin is uncertain. Many countries claim to have invented it. Yet has been used in China as early as the sixth century B.C. and in the Mediterranean area in ancient Greek and Roman times. The abacus consists of beads strung on rows of wires suspended within a rectangular frame. It is a computation system of sliding beads on a rack and is still used today. "Through the centuries, several mathematical geniuses invented machines to aid them in their calculations. The machines were never widely used and generally had no direct path to the later development of electronic computers" (Gary, ¶ 3). It was not until 1642 that Blaise Pascal a French mathematician, invented the first mechanical adding machine at the age of nineteen. .
             Today, we are in what is considered the third generation of computers. Components are continuing to become smaller, faster and more reliable. "From the educators' perspective, this technology is making today's kids the most demanding and.
             challenging students in history."" This is leading to a generation with increasing questions .
             of the hidden values contained in information. "Today's kids are so bathed in bits that they .
             think it's all part of the natural landscape. To them, the digital technology is no more intimidating than a VCR or toaster.

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