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Code and Computer Programming

            Most people think computer programming is just a fun thing to do, but it actually has nothing to do with anything related to a computer. For example , a programmer uses HTML, a coding language, to construct a website. Computer programming means coding. Coding constructs programs. A program is a set of instructions issued to a computer or robot to perform a specific function. Everyone should be able to read and write, but should everyone be able to program computers? The question is becoming really important because all technology is playing a big role in our daily lives. The move to make code literacy a basic principle of education is coming across very quickly, and its success or failure will have a huge impact on our society.
             Why should we code? Fifty-five percent of all jobs include computer programming. If someone tries to learn computer programming, he or she may like it and continue learning. If he or she continues learning and begins to code, he or she may become successful and enjoy their career. What if any educated person had equal sway over the power of machines? What if we were to expand our notion of literacy to surround not only human languages but also machine languages? Could widespread facility in reading and writing code begin to be as critical to society as the ability to manipulate spoken and written language? It is becoming more difficult to distinguish programmers from other computer specialist since job titles shift so fast, reflecting new areas of specialization or changes in technology. n this paper, "computer programmer" refers to people whose main job function is programming; this group has a wide range of responsibilities and educational backgrounds ( Eberts 12 ). Everybody should learn to code, because machine/human and machine/machine interaction is becoming as universal as human/human interaction. Those who don't know how to code soon will be in the same boat as those who couldn't read or write about 200 years ago.

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