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Computer Crime and Prevention

             Computer crimes come in many different forms. Some crimes can so severe, they can wreck a corporation. Others can be small and merely annoying to personal computer users. There is also a wide range of computer crime offenders. Some offenders are kids who commit the act as a prank. Other offenders use computer crimes for political or social causes. The most serious, however, are professional criminals who commit very serious crimes against businesses or governmental agencies. "There is perhaps no other form of crime that cuts so broadly across the types of criminals and the severity of their offenses"(). .
             There are five major categories of computer crimes. These categories include physical, personnel, communications, operations, and Internet fraud. These crimes have gradually become a huge problem in both the business world as well as the daily life of individuals. However, there have been many laws enacted to help control the problem of computer crime and also many methods of detecting computer offenders. These factors, along with new technology and the help of agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Computer Crime Squad (FBI's NCCS) have helped individuals and businesses deal with the rising cost and hardship associated with computer and cyber crimes. .
             Types of Computer Crimes.
             Physical Crimes.
             Physical computer crimes deal with the physical harm of the computer, computer software, computer equipment, and the overall physical facility. One widely used form of physical computer crime is a technique known as dumpster diving. There are two forms of dumpster diving. The first form is very simple and the more common the two in the business world. The offender simply scavenges through documents and materials that have been thrown away looking information such as user names and passwords that might help them infiltrate a system. This information can also include disregarded tapes and disks, printouts, notes, and computer manuals.

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