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Computer Crime

            Computer Crime: Prevention and Innovation .
             Since the introduction of computers to our society, and in the early 80's the Internet, the world has never been the same. Suddenly.
             our physical world got smaller and the electronic world set its foundations for an endless electronic reality. As we approach the year.
             2000, the turn of the millenium, humanity has already well established itself into the "Information Age." So much in fact that as a.
             nation we find our selves out of a service economy and into an information based economy. In a matter of only a few years almost all.
             systems are run buy computers in some way, shape, or form. We depend on them for everything. Even the smallest malfunction or.
             glitch in a system could now cause unfathomable amounts of trouble in everything from riding the bus, having access to your money,.
             to getting your prescription at the pharmacists. Furthermore, Icove (1998) suggested that with the price of home computers that work.
             faster and store more memory going down every year due to competition in the market, it is estimated that by the year 2011 most.
             every American home will have a PC with instant access to the Internet. With an increase in users everyday and new businesses.
             taking advantage of perks of an alternate electronic world, this information dimension will only get bigger, more elaborate, provide.
             more services, and we will find society as a whole more and more dependent on it. .
             However, even in an artificial environment such as the cyberspace, it appears mankind cannot escape from its somewhat.
             overwhelming natural attraction to wrongful behavior or criminal tendencies. In turn this alternative dimension has been infected with.
             the same criminal behavior that plagues our physical reality. The information age has opened the doors to anti social, smart, and.
             opportunistic people to find new and innovative ways to commit old crimes. These people are called hackers. Schamalleger (1999),.

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