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An Overview of Information Technology

             The terms "information technology"" and "IT"" are widely used in business and the field of computing. People use the terms generically when referring to various kinds of computer-related work, which sometimes confuses their meaning. With all the current remarkable development of information technology, it has played an integral part of other. Wherever, information technology (IT) is very important for human. It has been very helpful in the present, and also in the near future people can connect with people in a different place or time, no longer separated by geographical distance. For example, from the past, if people want to communicate from long distance, they had to send mail by doves, which was uncomfortable way. Later, computer was invented. Then, laptops come along and become one of the most popular technologies that are favored by almost everyone, especially teenagers. With information technology the way people communicate together is much better. People can see talk face to face through Skype or Facetime, etcetera. With the convenience of information technology, it helps to improve people's lives in various ways along with increases in future social development.
             2. Education Requirement.
             Information Technology (IT) has become an important component in the contemporary workplace. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) IT each organization or private company need IT work more effective and consistently for business competitive. IT is not a single career field. There are a lot of career choices in the field of IT and they require different skills and techniques that everyone could choose their specialties. With the increase of technology many companies need an expert IT. Therefore, IT job becomes one of the most demanding jobs throughout all the career choices, the educational requirements for IT professionals also increase to meet the increasing demands. There are various positions within the information technology field that can be filled by employees who take computer or technical skills in their educational background.

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