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Bank Services Help a Young Company Grow

            com obtained a line of credit by establishing a relationship with the bank and explains its need for banking services through electronic cash flows. .
             There are many risks involved to the customer when using their credit cards for purchases over the internet. Although, Garden.com customers would probably not find any risks because of the intergrity of Garden.com user community is paying for and the reliability of the firm's electronic technology in securely processing payment transactions from the web site to the bank. Overall when using credit card for purchases over the internet users must take precautions when giving out personal information and use common sense. In the past there were concerns about the dangers of credit card fraud over the net. Actually in reality it is much safer now to enter a credit card number on a secure online order form. Unfortunately, fraudulent purchases are much higher by scammers using the cell phone than on the net. .
             The dangers of a business in accepting credit cards over the internet has been a increasingly serious problem over the years. Merchants who are scammed by crooks are using stolen credit cards and are placing fraudulent orders. This is due to merchants not being provided with the same protection as consumers therefore are more at risk. If such incident occurs the merchant bares all losses because the merchant processor authorized and approved the transaction. Many scammers create fictitious credit card numbers and their cards pass through verification and are given approval codes. In any case all e-commerce businesses would face one of these dilemmas.
             What is meant by e-commerce risk? It is the risk involved in transferring funding electronically and managing a business online. Many financial institutions have provided many e-business with electronic funds transfer. Some of the posed risk directly affects e-commerce are hackers. Hackers break into the system and drain accounts or destroy a company's web site by creating a virus on their computer system.

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