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Teenage Pregnancy

             The subject of teenage pregnancy is a very personal subject for me because one of my best friends is currently pregnant. She was 17 years old when she became pregnant with her ex-boyfriend. And I have been very involved in all the aspects of what she is going through right now. She is due in January so it is getting very close and I am very involved in her life. That is why this subject is so interesting for me. Plus I had three other people that I know, one who played on my basketball team that just recently has had a baby girl. So the topic of teenage pregnancy is very relevant in my life right now and something that I would like to research to help out my friend, and friends in the future. .
             In the journal article "Teen-age pregnancy" by James P. Semmens talks about how there are so many more teens that are having families so early in their lives. It also talks about pregnant schoolgirls and how many of those are coming during this time in the world. It is kind of like it's the baby boomer age all over again. I felt like in my school alone there were at least 20 girls that were pregnant. But if you do look into it we did have a fairly large high school. I went to Madison Memorial and our graduating class was at least 578 people. But still if you think about it, 20 girls that were pregnant, and they are still in high school. Some that I new just got to high school and were only 15 years old and they were already going to have a child. In this article they give statistics and talk about the averages now compared with 10 years ago. And they have increased, not a great deal but they have increased. It also talks about counseling that is offered for these teens. Adolescence and dealing with their problem and coping with the fact that they are going to be having a child. Either they are going to be a single parent or they have a young guy that is not suppose to be getting into a long term thing such as having a child that now they are going to have to raise and pay for.

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