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Teenage Pregnancy in America

            Do you know how many teenage pregnancies there are each year in USA alone? According to Office of Adolescent Health, there were 26.6 births for every 1,000 adolescent female's ages 15-19 back in 2013. That means teenage pregnancies are over 100,000 each year in USA a lone. But nowadays, the rate has declined compared with the year of 2013 and back in 1991. Teenage pregnancy is one of the major problems in this country. Even though the teenage pregnancy's rate has declined, the rate is still at the alarming point which means it's still high and it should be reduced. So today, I'm focusing more on teenage pregnancies. I believe that all high schools in this country should provide students the sex education and it should be mandatory for all students to take the class. Not only have the high schools that should provide sex education to the students, but also other places such as the communities that should provide information of safe sex to young kids. For my topic, I have my three main points. My first main point is the main factors or causes of teenage pregnancy, second main point is the effects or consequences of the teenage pregnancy, and my third main point is the ways to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy and help teens to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy. .
             And here it is my very first main point. The main factors or causes of teenage pregnancies are that teens are lack of contraceptive usage, parents are careless about safe sex for their kids, and most kids don't have much adequate knowledge about safe sex. According to the book of Kids Having Kids by Rebecca, Teens are more likely to avoid using birth control during the intercourse and that leads to the consequence of unintended pregnancies. Not many of teenage pregnancies are intended pregnancies because most teens that got pregnant are aged 15-19 and most of them are still in High School. Another cause is that parents are careless for their kids on safe sex.

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