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teenage pregnancy

            There are two types of women: rebels and virgins. They both want a perfect relationship, with the perfect guy, but the rebel thinks that think that having sex is the only way to get their boyfriends to stay with them. What many don't realize is that these guys have probably had sex before and left their girlfriends after they had sex with. These guys don't have a legal commitment to stay with their girlfriends and they plan to take full advantage of that. What many of these "innocent- teen girls also don't take into consideration, when their hormones are pumping at full blast, is that this pleasure at the time could cause much pain in the future because of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or even pregnancy. Many think that a condom is 100% effective, but its not. The pill doesn't always work either. The only way not to get pregnant that works, 100% of the time, is abstinence. .
             Some thought protection was the safe route but some sadly had no choice. 6-9% of all women have been raped. Every minute in America there are 1.3 rapes of women. 178 women are raped each hour in America. 1,871 women in America are forcibly raped each day. These women had no choice and had no control of what happened to them. If they didn't get pregnant from the rape, some believe that it is now ok to have sex with anyone because someone stole their virginity from them, which could then lead to pregnancy. .
             STD's are one effect of teen sex. 3 million teens get STD's every year. 1 in 3 sexually active teens get STD's by the age of 24. Many of these can even be fatal. Some include AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). HIV is 1/10 of a micron wide, but the holes in condoms are 5 microns wide. HIV is 450 times smaller than sperm. That means that even though you are wearing a condom you can still get STD's. These diseases can also make it impossible to conceive in the future.

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