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Teenage girls

            Self destructive behavior in teenage girl.
             Self destructive behaviors attempt to address many problems, but usually a girl may engage in self destructive behavior to draw attention to a problem that she may have and is inable or cannot communicate her feelings.
             Self destructive behavior can also be a way for the girl to cope with matters that are beyond her control.
             Sef destructive bahavior serves afunction for her, it may ease or calm her fears, as I stated above in many cases it can be a cry for help.
             SD behavior is purposeful and not random for these girls, Pain serves a function and help them to manage their painful feelings, it is self-soothing and a relief from their perceived isolation and numbness.
             For some it may be, that they want to exert their individualism and sometimes SD behavior can be a symptom of that. And for many it allows them to achieve emotional satisfaction.
             Why are female adolescents especially likely to engage in SD behavior?.
             Biology predisposes teenage girls for SD behavior as well as social risk factors.
             There is a stigma for girls to want and need attention, For many years girls were receiving a mixed message, examples were given to girls were that it is ok to use your body as a means of getting attention. Which led girls to believe, That were not Ok the way that they are they needed to modify themselves to be attractive.
             Girls also suffer terribly during puberty, Their biological changes can throw them into a depression, which unfotunately many times goes untreated.
             Also the low levels of testosterone during puberty predisposes them to depression.Heredity and life experience can also be factors in girls with eating disorders.
             What did you learn in this workshop, that you didn't know prior to taking it and how will you use the information in your life.
             I found the workshop extremely informative, some of the topics we discussed, I was aware of, but others, I had no clue.

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