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Influence Of Media On Teenage Girls

            It is Sunday morning and my phone is already ringing. I roll over to check the caller-id and see if I even want to bother picking it up. Whoops! Did I say it was Sunday morning? Yes, I did. I run out of bed and quickly grab the phone. "Hey, Ali". I try to play it off like I have been up for the last hour. "Listen Sweetheart, I"ll pick you up in likeee twenty minutes". "Sure, sounds fine. See ya then." In my head though I was thinking "TWENTY MINUTES!!!! What is she crazy!" But, it is a major insult to forget The Sunday brunch with my best friends. It is the only time we really get spend with each other because we live such hectic and very different lives but no matter how far or opposite directions we take in life, we will, with no question, remain close. .
             Twenty minutes later, right on the dot, Ali was at my house. We met Leah at Kikku's, our favorite place to go when we crave sushi, and the horror and almost disturbing part of our lives is now uncovered. What do we talk about each and every Sunday? Well let's see is it Did we eat "good" this week? Or was it, I think I gained five pounds this week, can you tell? Oh, we cannot forget the big, I"m starting my diet tomorrow. That is the infamous phrase. What influenced this? I brought to my mother's attention my battle with this fascination and she is very taken back by today's teenage society. My mother tried to make me understand that her friends and her never were controlled by what they saw in the mirror. I was shocked by her feedback because I was always under the impression that every generation of teenagers are diseased of the obsession to look perfect. So what has changed these last thirty years that are impacting these younger generations that before just did not exist?.
             I have always been questioning myself with these concerns and analyzing the situation clearly and knit-picking at society, I have come up with this theory: It's the media.

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