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Fashion Magazines Affect on Teenage Girls

            Reading fashion magazines can detrimental to teenage girls because such magazines can lower a girl's self-esteem. Teenage girls see images of beautiful women in these magazines and think to themselves "I wish I could look like that, beautiful and skinny." The truth is only there are few women who actually look like that, compared to the rest of the female population. And also the women don't look that perfect to begin with. The images shown in these fashion magazines are airbrushed, altered, and fixed. .
             This thinking that models are the ultimate beauty and that we should all strive to look like them is what can cause eating disorders in teenagers. They see a perfect-bodied woman and think about how perfect their life must be, and then go to dangerous lengths to be skinny. Some girls will do anything to try to reach this unattainable perfect body. .
             Even though they may not think so, the teenagers self esteem goes down with their weight. Eventually, they will gain the weight back from the crash dieting or binging and purging, and then feel worse than before. We should have people of every size in fashion magazines, and then maybe girls will learn that everyone is different, and perfection is inevitably unattainable.

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