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The Changing of Feminism

             Seventeen magazine has been around since the early nineteen seventies and is published once a month. The current editor-in-chief is Annemarie Iverson and the president/group publisher is Linda Kadiz Platzner. Geri Richert Campbell is the special projects editor and Laura Morgan is the entertainment editor. The fashion director is Regina Teplitsky and Diana Lorenza Byrne is the beauty director. Seventeen's content consists of contests, personal stories, how-to articles, advice columns, fashion articles, beauty articles, movie, book and music reviews, as well as, dieting articles, health articles, and fictional stories. Seventeen appeals to real-life "ordinary" teenagers who are caught up in the transformation of turning into women. .
             Seventeen's purpose is to educate and to help guide teenage girls through their toughest and most troubling years of their lives. Over the years, Seventeen's audience has changed from teenagers and young brides to pre-teens and teenagers. In the year nineteen eighty-five in the February edition there are many articles in the fashion section that are written especially for brides. An article on page forty-two called, "Diamonds: Selecting Your Engagement Ring," talks about what the future bride and groom want to look for in a diamond ring. On page one hundred forty-three there is an article showing all the styles that a bride-to-be should sew for herself to start her new life in style. On page one hundred seventy-six there is an article about lingerie that is in style for a bride on her honeymoon. In the April addition, there is an article on page seventy-five called, "One Plus One- Marriage: The Kind of Men to Avoid." All the issues in the year of nineteen eighty-five have articles that appeal to brides. When we look at the year nineteen seventy-five, ten years earlier, there is at least one article that appeals to brides in every issue. However, when we look at the year nineteen ninety-five, ten years later, there are no articles that have anything to do with marriage.

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