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             Ah feminism, a word that has been used for centuries, and probably more centuries to come. The term feminism has changed over the years, from women's suffrage to abortions laws. The term feminism is being thrown around these days by women who nag and challenge every law, man, and person.
             Okay, I"m not a woman hating women, and don't take me wrong through out this essay because this is just my humorous take on women, but for the last 18 years, I have grown up in an environment where the women are told to stay in the kitchen. They aren't told that they are inferior to men, just not as strong. This makes complete and total sense to me, I mean both male and females were made a certain way for certain reasons. Women are hormonal beings and we should just accept that and understand that men are supposed to be our balance beam, per say. I take this for an example of how hormonal women are; a couple of weeks ago, my roommates and I were driving back to our dorm room, when the driver of the vehicle spotted a spider. She went crazy! She was screaming and yelling to get the spider out of the car and swerving all over the road. Okay, this could be a normal situation, right? However, there were three women in the car, all screaming, not doing anything about the spider, just screaming, placing other people lives in danger over a little spider. Granted, I was one of those women screaming and yelling, but my point here is that I am okay with being hormonally challenged and so should other women.
             Another example I would like to point out to show just how hormonally challenged women are is an incident that occurs so often amongst women. Women getting angry over men, and over something that they might have said or done. For example, a friend of mine cries over her boyfriend every single night. She does this because he might be in a bad mood, or maybe his day didn't go right and he isn't as "happy go lucky" as usual.

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