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             Feminism has historically taken many forms and continues to evolve within our current society. It seems inaccurate to claim that it has occurred in different eras, as the word era suggests that each has a definite end. Each passage of a wave of feminism creates a transition into the next, building on itself and attempting to be more inclusive. Feminism began well over a century ago, while popular ideology suggests that it emerged from the 1960's (Wood, 2003). Participants face separate issues in an extremely dynamic civilization. The concept is broad and viewed differently in different contexts. Effects include labeling, criticisms, and miscommunication. There is significant overlap in the categories of feminism. There is also a question of whether or not feminism is necessary in today's society. The starting point for a discussion such as this is to define the term for our purposes.
             People disagree more about the definition and what it means to be feminist than they do about what feminism itself embodies (Wood, 2003). According to the Feminist Agenda Homepage, the dictionary definition of feminism is "the theory of the political, social, and economic equality of the sexes." It is obvious and a widely accepted view that we have been brought up in a patriarchal society. It is my belief that there is more involved than just patriarchy; further, values have been instilled that grant power to white, middle- to upper class, heterosexual males. For our definition of feminism, we will consider all those who do not fit into these categories. Feminism is a transitioning movement that seeks equality for those of all orientations: gender, race, and otherwise. It is an attempt to make the world an overall better place. Feminism in its purest form has.
             Feminism 3 .
             furthered rights for women and worked side by side with other causes, such as civil rights. Yet there are many criticisms that accompany these advancements.

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