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peer support

             Over the curse of the semester I observed several ways students learned and needs that needed to be meet for them to be successful. Needs that I observed from the students ranged drastically from student to student for example some students needed help gathering their ideas, having a quiet work place, being free from distraction, help staying on task and getting motivated to work. With learning the needs of the students I was able to probably adapt my assistance to support these students. For example students that struggled to come up with ideas for a project, instead of just giving them more time to think I would ask them several things what are your hobbies, has there been a sketch you've done that you really liked, do you want it to be abstracted or realistic. With their answer I was better able to adept my assistance and better help them flesh out an idea. .
             Relationship with Students: .
             At the start of the semester I felt like my relationship with the students in the class was in away acquired in that I felt like I was bossing then them around tell them to get back to work or to stop distracting others. Just being in that position were you have authority over so many people was new to me. Over the rest of the semester getting to know them and them getting too know we a relationship got way better. With the improvement of our relationship I felt that they were more open to my suggestions and my opinion.
             Working Relationship with Teacher: .
             Previous to being a peer assistant In Mr. Bakers class, I had Mr. Baker for part of my grade nine visual arts and my grade ten visual Arts class, so we already had a good relationship. I would say that really affected are working relationships in that Mr. Baker trusted me more than if he didn't know who I was and he knew I was capable of regarding art. A the start of most class Mr. Baker would give me a quick rundown of what he wanted the students to be working on in that .

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