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A Jury of Her Peers

            Since the time when Eve set herself apart from Adam by consuming the forbidden fruit, there always have been vast differences in the way men and women conduct themselves. Susan Glaspell in "A Jury of her Peers" explores the divide between the male and female world. The men in the story talk to Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters with feigned and patronizing interest, ignorant of the separation and problems it causes. They fail to closely examine Mrs. Wright and her situation, which shows the lack of caring and understanding between the sexes in this society. This contrasts with Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters who as " peers" of Mrs. Wright, can identify the problems in her daily life and realize their own inadvertent participation in Mrs. Wright's demise. The different ways in which the sexes view the murder, and their interactions with each other show a society filled with cold independence, misunderstanding between the sexes, and restrictive gender roles. Mrs. Wright's sad tragedy showed the dangerous effects of living in an isolated, divided, and uncaring society such as the one presented in this story.
             Susan Glaspell exemplifies the differences between men and women as they conduct their investigation of the murder of Mr. Wright. From the beginning of the investigation, the men and women had vast differences in the way they went about looking for substantial evidence. For instance, the men approached the house with confidence and seemed to feel indifferent towards the situation even though the murder victim was a close acquaintance. But the women approached the house with caution and uncertainty.
             The interactions between the two genders are characterized by a lack of caring, misunderstanding, and insensitivity. Mrs. Martha Hale's first thought as she encountered the crime scene was how in the past she thought, "I ought to go over and see Minnie Foster"(297). Martha regretted the fact that she never visited her long time friend except when it was too late.

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