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A Jury Of Her Peers

             Hales statement "women used to worry over trifles," seems to be old fashion. Peters have a lot to offer for the investigation. The Author Susan Glaspell shows an obvious stereotypical attitude by men .
             towards women in her story, A Jury of Her Peers. The men don't understand women enough to ask the ladies to help them to uncover where a women might conceal her murder evidence, and it seemed the men were searching in all the wrong places for evidence. According to the story, Mrs. Hale somewhat knew Minnie Foster, and Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale both know how a women moves around the house. The men looked throughout the Wright's property to uncover there was not much evidence at all, and the women, who are worrying about trifles and how Minnie Foster must have been so lonely, uncover all the superior evidence. At this point the women should be more concerned with bigger things than trifles, because Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters uncovered enough evidence to prove that Minnie foster may be the murderer.
             It's imperative to for women to focus on issues greater than trifles, because they could have a grater impact on the Wright's investigation.
             Many people claim that a women's place is in the home, and that issues of concern should be left up to the men. This attitude was especially prevalent in the early 1900's. This is what was taught for many generations. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters were not even supposed to be looking for facts and evidence regarding the murder, but since they were women "of the home",they came across a lot more evidence then the men in their everyday worrying about trifles. They were continuously mentioning how Minnie must have been lonesome and cheerless, and how she used to be popular as they wandered through the house effortlessly dealing with their frivolous day. The ladies felt sorry for her and thought no such thing to turn in a dead bird. If they felt as if they were needed in this case, and didn't have the idea that all they were good for was worrying about the little things: Mrs.

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