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The Road Not Taken

             I think what this poem is about is about a person who has or is about to take a trip .
             Because of what Robert Frost is trying say; .
             "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, .
             And sorry I could not travel both and .
             Be one traveler, long I stood and looked .
             Down one as far as I could to where it .
             Bent in the undergrowths-. (1-5).
             As I said in the previous statement I thought as I read this poem it was about an .
             individual that is about to or has already taken a trip into the unknown because of what .
             Frost has said in the first five lines of his poem. Lines 6-10 gives us an even more .
             explanation about the poem;.
             "Then took the other, as just as fair,.
             And having perhaps the better claim,.
             Because it was grassy and wanted wear;.
             Though as for that, the passing there.
             Had worn them really about the same."" (6-10).
             I think that passage sums it up for me saying that he wanted to take .
             another road how ever it was not as good as the first road he had taken in his lifetime. I .
             Page number 2.
             believe that this poem has a lot to do with life itself because like I have said before, you .
             may take a particular road in life and find out that that road you just had taken might not .
             be the one for you. We all have choices in life and the choice you make, you are going to .
             have to live with it. Whether we like it or not because the choice you make could make or .
             break a carreer. Let me give you an example, you see I know this one guy who was given .
             a choice late in his life to either drive while intoxicated and gets arrested by the .
             Department of Public Safety for a DUI (driving while under the influence of intoxicating .
             liquor), or just have a friend drive. Well the choice that he made was the wrong choice .
             because you see he was arrested for a DUI. However it didn't land him in jail however he .
             just pled guilty to reckless driving and all he got was a fine, because of his attorney got .
             the judge to dismiss the DUI and reduce it to reckless driving.

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