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road not taken

            In "The Road Not Taken" Frost discusses the choosing to take the road that is less traveled upon (19-20). I can relate to this poem personally because by coming to Texas A&M, I was taking the road less traveled. The vast majority of my high school classmates and friends from my area chose to attend colleges close to home, or opted to remain in the area and not attend college at all. I wanted to take a much different road than most of my high school peers. Attending college approximately eight hours away from home has allowed me to gain independence and new life experiences. Although taking a road less traveled is uncertain and can often be frightening, in the end, the journey can potentially by very rewarding. By attending Texas A&M, I have broadened my horizons by meeting new people and encountering new environment. This less traveled path has been very rewarding for me primarily due to the new relationships I have formed, and new experiences I have gained along the way. I am changed for the better by not choosing the familiar road. This is the theme of Frost's poem, the choices made in deciding what path of life to take (George 1). As in my own life, "The Road Not Taken" depicts the thought that it is rewarding to walk down the road less traveled.
             In "The Road Not Taken," Frost's tone and setting help illustrate the struggle a person goes through in life in choosing the right road to travel (George 2). Frost uses verbal irony when the he states "And sorry I could not travel both." Although he states this, Frost is really leaning more towards the road less traveled (2-5). However, he knows that many might look at him differently because he chose the unpopular path to proceed down. To support this tone, one might point to the last stanza: The speaker will some day, "sighing," tell others that he took the unkown road when faced with a choice (George 2).
             "The Road Not Taken" delivers a photographic image to the reader.

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