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Robert Frost

            Robert Frost was considered the "most popular modern American poet of the.
             twentieth century" (Literature Online 1). His use of natural images and.
             traditional poetic technique give him a fashion that is desirable to the.
             fictitious ears. Throughout his literary career, Frost had been both celebrated.
             and condemned for his works as a poet. Nevertheless, he has, even after his.
             death, remained as "one of the greatest, if not the very greatest, of modern.
             American poets" (Literature Online 1).
             Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California. He lived there until age.
             eleven, which is when he moved to New England, and later, with his mother, he.
             settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He attended Dartmouth College for one.
             semester, as well as Harvard for two years. Frost spent many of his years.
             farming, which is perhaps where he acquired his "Popular image as a farmer-poet".
             (Literature Online 1). Not only did Frost farm, he also taught at the Pinkerton.
             Academy and the New Hampshire State Normal School. Frost began publishing poems.
             in 1894, but failed to gain recognition. He then moved back to New England with.
             his family, where his first two volumes of poetry, A Boy's Will and North of.
             Boston, finally brought him success. Robert Frost's history and life experience.
             was a key factor in his poetic style.
             Robert Frost found "Beauty and meaning in commonplace objects, such as a.
             drooping birch tree and an old stone wall, and drew universal significance from.
             the experiences of a farmer or country boy" (A Tribute to Robert Frost). Maybe.
             it was his rural, down to earth, background that caused Frost to feel the.
             demands and challenges of strict, traditional form. In each of Frost's poems,.
             there seems to be a character building theme, particularly "man's relationship.
             to nature" (A Tribute to Robert Frost). In Stopping by Woods on a Snowy.
             Evening, the speaker is being torn between the peaceful life in the woods and.
             his real life obligations; "I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I.

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