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On Robert Frost

             Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California. The Frost family moved to Massachusetts when he was 11 yrs old after his father died of tuberculosis. He began to write poetry. Robert Frost focuses his poetry on his experiences of life. They include irony and imagery themes in which he gives contradictions of life and human nature. He operates on so many levels that his poems may cause the reader to misunderstand them. Although Frost uses ordinary subjects, he tends to use a wide variety of emotions, allowing his poems to shift from humor to tragedy. "The dark qualities of a Frost poem, however, do not necessarily determine that the poem without humor . Frosts" poems are tricky out of a mischievous sense of delight". (Bloom, p.10).
             The "Mending wall"(1106-07) was published in Frost's North of Boston along with other poems. This poem does not rhyme. The setting is in England around the early 1900's, a story about a wall made of stone. Both of the men worked together a fixing the wall, but having different personalities. One is a speaker. And the other is imaginative who lacks on speaking to his friend. The poems opening line, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall", implies that walls are unnatural, and that the vague "something" is a force of nature that destroys the walls people build. The poem entails nature to try to destroy the wall but the men came together to repair it. Frost gives statements on the nature of human relations, boundaries and human identity.
             "The road not taken"(1109)was published in 1916. This is a rhymed poem. The setting of this poem is in the woods. The speaker has to choose one path over another and does not know which one to pick, eventually making a choice, with hopes that he can visit again. At the end "less traveled by" indicates more than just a walk down a road. The speaker suggests that the path he chose affected his entire life. Frost indicates that both paths look the same making it difficult to make a choice.

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