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            Robert Frost was one of the most influential writers throughout the 20th century. His poems were simple, unsophisticated ideas, but underneath he conveys real meaning. The poetry of Robert Frost often focuses on problems people face in everyday life. .
             Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. His father was a writer for the San Francisco Evening Post and a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 1880. He was never home and often drank and gambled. His mother was a housewife who occasionally had part-time jobs as a teacher. She moved to the United States when she was twelve from Sweden.
             In 1885, Robert's father died of tuberculosis. The family was forced to move to Lawrence, Massachusetts where Robert attended high school. At Lawrence High School, Frost published several poems in the school magazine and was named "class poet". He graduated in 1892 sharing valedictorian honors with Elinor White. After high school, Robert had many jobs which included working in a textile mill and teaching Latin at his mother's school located in Methuen, Massachusetts. .
             Three years later in 1895 he became engaged to Elinor White. The same girl whom which he shared valedictorian honors with in high school. They were engaged in December.
             He passed Harvard's entrance exams but instead, attended Dartmouth. He left less than a semester later to operate a poultry farm purchased by his paternal grandfather. Also while attending school, Robert earned his income by teaching at Derby's Pinkerton Academy. .
             Robert Frost was a family man but it can also be concluded that he felt separated partially because of the death of his children. First was Elliot who died at age three of cholera. Second Elinor who died two days after birth. Marjorie lived to age twenty-nine and died during her childbirth. Carol-the only son to make it to adulthood committed suicide at age thirty-eight because of being a frustrated poet and farmer.

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