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Robert Frost

             Good afternoon, today my speech will be on the American poet Robert Frost one of America's leading 20th-century poets.
             Robert Frost-.
             Robert Frost was born on March 26th 1874 in San Francisco, California. He remained there for 11 years until after he's father's death he, his mother and sister moved to eastern Massachusetts near his grandparents.
             In December 1895 he married a woman called Elinor Miriam White, they had 6 children together, unfortunately 2 of them died in infancy. They had a daughter and most loved by Frost Marjorie and a son Carol.
             Robert Frost attended many schools in his lifetime. He graduated at Lawrence High School in which he wrote his first poems. In the fall of 1892 he entered Dartmouth College but only remained for less than a term. He entered Harvard College in 1897 till his health became uncertain and rejoined his wife in Lawrence.
             Other Jobs-.
             Robert Frost worked at other various jobs; most of these were as teachers. He once taught Latin at his mother's school. He began teaching at Pinkerton Academy a secondary school in New Hampshire and also taught at State Normal School in Plymouth.
             Achievements/ Recognition-.
             Robert Frost was very successful as a poet, becoming a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. His book of poetry on "New Hampshire", "Collected Poems", "Further Range" and "A Witness Tree" all received this special award.
             In 1957 he received honorary awards from Oxford and Cambridge. All these great achievements have earned him the honour of becoming one of America's leading 20th-century poets.
             Most of his poems were about the events of his life, his inspiration came from nature and rural surroundings, and he once said "Literature begins with geography.".

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