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Robert Frost

            Silk and Women: Strong, Luxurious, and Smooth.
             Robert Frost's poem The Silken Tent is about a compassionate and caring woman who is compared to a silken tent. Why does Robert Frost compare her to a silken tent? Robert uses the word silken to figuratively emphasize the beauty and strength of the woman. Silk is not a week fabric but strong, luxurious, and smooth. Silk is a fabric that not everyone wears everyday. It is worn when trying to show style, beauty, or uniqueness. .
             When the ropes relent and the tent can gently sway at ease, he tries showing us the freedom the tent has as it sits in the field. The woman is free in her own mind. Robert tells of the supporting cedar pole that signifies the sureness of the soul. He did not want to portray this woman as week willed by choosing any old piece of wood for the central pole. Instead he chose a strong wood that can portray strength and durability, just as he sees in the woman. The cedar pole is not held strictly by tight ropes but instead is loosely bound with silken ties of love and thought. Robert does not see the woman as being to uncompassionate or unwilling to show love and thought but instead he shows us that anyone who enters the "tent" will get the same love and thought that any other would receive. .
             The tent is not just a tent but instead it is surrounding feeling that the woman gives to anyone who is underneath the tent. "To everything on earth the compass round" shows that no matter who you are you still get the silken ties of love and thought. Robert Frost shows us a woman that surrounds anyone with love and thought yet is strong willed and free. .

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