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Persuasive Essay

             The importance of acquiring good grades: ones life moves forward with this accomplishment. This goal is set in almost every single students mind, whether it is a conscious decision or not. Sometimes a student needs to work harder than those whom good grades come to them with out hours of grueling effort. For those who do need to put in even more work to accomplish the task of getting grades, the road to get there can be very frustrating and discouraging. The distraction of friends and social outings can be a very bad turn to take if one is already struggling. If one is able to accomplish the goal of getting grades, oftentimes consequences won't be in the picture. And sometimes it would have been worth it to just give up those little pleasures along the way and to be ahead of the gang.
             It sometimes starts when a homework assignment isn't turned in and the student just brushes it off. Then suddenly it becomes a daily thing, in more than one class. Suddenly the student is behind the class in understanding the lessons and is unable to participate. All of a sudden progress reports are being sent home with very low grades stamped all over it. Parents become very upset and all of a sudden the student feels like they are in a hole way over the top of their head! They are no longer allowed to go out on the weekends, the phone has been taken away and the threat of never seeing daylight again is made! .
             The future is looking a little dim, struggling to get out of this slump and not fall any farther. They might be starting to be thinking about college, and unable to attend because of low transcripts and low GPA scores. The regret starts to form, for not paying more attention in class, and for not always doing the assigned homework. No one likes to have privileges taken away and especially at an age of fifteen or sixteen. No one likes to be babied! .
             These consequences that are being put on the student may have different outcomes in the long run.

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