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Evaluation Essay

             I would like to start explaining my strengths as a writer. I feel one of my strongest points would be in reading and comprehending material. Grammar would be another fairly good strength, but I feel I need practice on it since I have been out of school for some time now. I love to read about many things especially if they are in interest to me. I feel I can understand material that is in interest to me better than any other subject, novel etc.
             I also have many weaknesses in English, such as writing research papers, essays, poems among other material. Writing seems very difficult to me at times. The thoughts and ideas are there but not the skills. At least that is my personal opinion. Although I did win first place in an essay contest once, I still do not feel confident enough to write. I would need an instructor like you to pinpoint my weaknesses, or my strengths. Many ideas run through my head and I feel I can be very creative and persuasive at times, but only verbally.
             Improvement for me is a must for the career I plan to pursue. Many subjects have to be learned and studied for this particular career. Since time for me is limited and costly, I have to take self discipline to accomplish my tasks. I feel that I can better express myself verbally than in any other way. I understand this course is online, but if accepted into it I will try my best to complete it. I have a feeling persuasive writing would be my advantage to writing good. I would like to perfect my grammar skills, such as critical punctuation, the comma, semi-colon, colon, hyphen, apostrophe etc. I feel I can improve my skills by listening to what is given online or book. .
             My two main objectives for this course are passing and most importantly learning. It would not help a student advance in any class, if the student did not learn the key points in the class and book.

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