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The Assassination of JFK

             Kennedy (JFK) the president of the United States which occurred on the 22nd of November 1963 in Dallas, Texas during the Cold War. The news on the assassination of JFK shocked the entire nation, many people wept openly in distraught as it was a shock to them.1 It is believed that the culprit was supposedly Lee Harvey Oswald but it still remains a mystery. The party John F. Kennedy belonged to was the Democratic Party. JFK was a very influential man and his death affected the whole population of America. It is believed that Kennedy died for his anti-communism views. Almost every American of a certain age remembers where they were when JFK was assassinated.2 The death of JFK impacted the media, the government and the American society the most. .
             The media was transformed as the idea of broadcasting live breaking news was born. Major U.S. TV networks went live for the very first time with wall to wall coverages which resulted in the suspension of commercials for four days, after Kennedy's death the structure of journalism also changed.3 Soon after Kennedy's coffin was carried out to Arlington National Cemetery, 81 percent of the U.S. homes who had television had their sets in use, this was recorded as one of the highest TV ratings in U.S. history, according to ratings agency Nielsen. Before the assassination newspapers and radios were the main source of news, it has been quoted by Patty Rhule editor of CNN "after the assassination of JFK, this is when America become a TV nation."4 What is meant by this is that if Kennedy's death didn't occur then it would have taken longer for them to progress technology wise. Television became more in demand when Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot the suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald dead in the basement of Dallas police station. Journalists from all over the country arrived in Dallas to cover the story as it the most controversial murder investigation of the 20th century.

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