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Legacy Goes On

             Kennedy was a president, well loved by Americans. Even though he was only in office for one thousand days, he made a great impact on American society. The American people feel into love with his charismatic character. President Kennedy did know how to run a society but, he was not all that strong in foreign activities. Though Kennedy somehow seemed to pull through. .
             John F. Kennedy was a great American President, as well as a great father to his children. Kennedy came from a wealthy well-known family and was a democratic, navy war-hero from Massachusetts. As president, Kennedy set a lot of "firsts". He was the youngest president, the only catholic president, the first stylish and most charismatic, and he was the first president to use television as a promotion. Most of his presidential goals, however, they were not reached before he was assonated on November 22, 1963. He had only served 1,000 days as Commander in Chief of the free world, but many of his ideas were carried on though his vice president. .
             President John F Kennedy was aiming for moral leadership to radiate when he was president. He wanted to pass a Civil Rights Bill if he became the president. When he did become president of the United States in 1961 he had a lot more of what he wanted to do and promised the country. Though not all of him promises exceeded to exist. Few laws were passed but many failed. John F Kennedy sent military to the south and wanted to destroy the Cuban Missile crisis. After he became president, John F Kennedy was not worried about the things that he discussed in his speeches many times. Kennedy did what he believed what was right for America at the time. .
             Kennedy administration officials tried to negotiate a permanent ban on nuclear tests when he first became president. The Kennedy administration promoted several policy initiatives on the testing question both directly with the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union and at the sessions of the Geneva Conference on the Discontinuance of Nuclear Weapons Tests and its successor forum, the Eighteen-Nation Disarmament Committee.

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