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Sex ,drugs, and Rock

            60's Rock'n' Roll Changing the Face of America.
             While the first United States astronauts were exploring the outer world for the first time, the youth were exploring the inner world of sex, drugs, and rock'n' roll. The youth's unity of sex, drugs, and rock'n' roll quickly became a coined title during the nineteen sixties. The world of sex and drugs incorporated with music in the 1960's became the start of the new era called Rock'n' Roll. Such music bands like the Beatles, The Sonics, and The Doors were topping the billboard charts with their provocative lyrics. The music of the 1960's changed the youth of America and made America a less conservative society. Rock'n'Roll was not just music it was becoming a new type of culture and a celebration of the youth who were uniting through this music at the time. The new style of music became powerful by how it involved itself into the war, politics, emotions, and the sixties' movement (Curtis p.127). How did rock'n'roll incorporate itself into the war, politics, and the American society? From all the issues, the world of rock'n'roll started the first rebellious up rise from which the youth separated themselves from conservatives and changed the future of America. .
             The first sign of Rock'n' Roll had to be in the early fifties where it was proposed as an art form (Wicke 1). Rock music was derived from rhythm and blues, which primarily was blacks' music at the time. This could have been a main reason for why it was first a shocking type of music to parents and conservatisms. Stars like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry in the 50's used the blues and incorporated a faster beat and aggression which changed it from blues to the art known as rock (Wick 43). Teenagers across America first accepted Presley as one of them' and quickly made the music their lifestyle as soon as Presley's first hit came out, "That's Alright Mama-. .
             Musician, Bob Luman describes the scene one at a show:.

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