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Rock Stars

             Once a singer or a member of a band becomes famous, their life drastically changes. No longer do they have small gigs in local pubs and bars, but they begin playing in front of enormous audiences all over the world. This is where the transition between the singer and the rockstar begins. The life of a rockstar includes a world of luxury, lots of money, and day-to-day pressures and temptations.
             Rock stars are known for "living it large." Fancy cars and luxurious homes are two ways they display their wealth. Their homes can be found in a range of places from secluded Caribbean islands to mountainside mansions in the Rockies. Rock stars have the ability to live almost anywhere they please. The homes are elaborate and tend to be "custom made" to the rockstar's taste. The rockstar's home definitely reflects his or her style and personality. Spiral staircases, theaters, chandeliers, voice command electronics, indoor swimming facilities, recording studios, and even gyms can be found in their homes. Although rockstar homes are custom made, there is one thing most homes have in common, giant garages with elaborate and expensive cars. Favorite manufactures of these cars are Ferrari, Bentley, Cadillac, Mercedes, Porsche and many others. Factory built cars are expensive enough, but like rockstar homes, these cars are custom made and have after market extras. Customizations of these cars include rims, interior designs, televisions, game systems, and top of the line stereo equipment. Needless to say rockstars spend numerous amounts of money to "live it large.".
             Rockstars are usually paid massive amounts of money for doing what they do. A rockstar makes his/her money by creating records and selling them, going on national and worldwide tours, and now some are starting their own record labels and brining in millions a year. A well known saying, "Money is Power," is true with a rockstar. Rockstars get many more privileges than the average person.

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