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Current Trends - Punk Rock

            You may have noticed that the latest trends and fashions have all been evolving around vintage clothing, being different on purpose, and screaming for attention. The answer to every question in your head is probably a combination of "Punx Atak" or "SID LIVES!!11." Either one of which, of course, is acceptable by today's standards.
             Now, these "Punk Rock and Rollers" who walk the streets in packs and are die-hard music fans rule the only stereotype that you have to fill an application out to join. That's right folks, they will decide for you on who you are and whether or not you actually listen to the music of Punk Rock. To fit in with a society of outcasts, you MUST follow a step-by-step procedure and win your title of being a "Punker.".
             Step One: Appearance - The first thing most punk rockers do is realize the awesome bracelets or studs a fellow punker is wearing, so it is of high importance that you buy as many noise-making chains, plaid patches, and any other Hot Topic clothing as possible. But please remember, collared shirts are only acceptable if they are faded, a plain color, or striped with big bold stripes of two colors. If you wear any mainstream clothing such as "American Eagle" then you will immediately be rejected back into society. As long as your shirt has some type of patch or logo that expresses that you are an "Evil Kitty" or has a band on it, then you should be all right. Your hair also has to scream punk rock. If you're a girl, then your hair better be in a short "Dixie" cut immediately, and if not then it should be in huge liberty spikes and died different colors. For the guys, mo-hawks are the most acceptable and unique style you can come across. And nothing screams Punk Rocker like a bunch of disgusting, greasy liberty spikes standing up to 2 feet long. Also, the hardest product to come by is the Converse All Stars. Even though the baby eating Nike recently purchased this company, you still have to bite the bullet and buy yourself a pair of Chucks.

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