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The History of Eyeliner

            Reading about this essay assignment made me realize that every object existent in this planet possesses a biography, which influences many aspects of the human life. Reflecting on the items utilized daily, I instantly became intrigued by the history of the eyeliner, a cosmetic commonly used by man and women to enhance their physical appearance. Many questions attacked my mind regarding the need for the construction of such item, the effects of this product on the environment and on an individual's life. It is very amazing to explore the roots of this cosmetic for it brings us back to an ancient civilization. Nevertheless, the ingredients within it have been altered which significantly affects the environment and human life. As well, the use of this product positively influences social interaction, without noting the political factors involved with the manufacturing of eyeliner. The production of eyeliner has evolved throughout history changing its primary functions, its original ingredients, negatively affecting the environment, altering social and political interactions.
             The first civilization that is known to have implemented eyeliner into their daily routines was the Egyptians. The use of this cosmetic dates back to the 10,000 BC and was commonly used by individuals of any social class (Staff, 2013). Eyeliner was utilized for the purpose of protecting the eyes from sun rays, germs, insects and dirt. Nevertheless, it was also believed by the Egyptians that this makeup possessed magical powers, which defended them from the evil eye, safeguarded them by Goddesses, and ultimately provided them with an attractive appearance. However, after the fall of Egypt eyeliner fell out of fashion having little or moderate use during the reign of Greek and Roman empires (History of cosmetics, 2012 ). Regardless, eyeliner regained some popularity as a result of the women's rights movement in the 1920',s where females began to apply makeup more liberally.

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