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The Use of Makeup

             The Purposes of Every Day Make Up and What Does It Express.
             Beauty is an abstract term, whose issues are related to human tastes. With a more complete definition of this term deals the aesthetic, a discipline within philosophy. Like any emotional assessment, establishing beauty is subjective.
             The skin is a mirror that reflects our health and expresses our lifestyle. Currently, there are numerous possibilities of care, a variety of products and cosmetic treatments becoming more sophisticated which help us have a beautiful and healthy skin.
             Since ancient times, cosmetics had an important role in women's transfiguration. Careful application of makeup on the face of a woman can become the encounter between what is the woman and the ideal that she desires in connection to her person. A new image can give great self - confidence, and at the same time it can be a stimulating experience.
             Using makeup was used to awaken and stimulate certain feelings and qualities, both for the person that remarks it and for the one who is "painted" in a certain way.
             Makeup can make a woman feel complete. Even the most natural appearance is often painstakingly cultivated. In all cultures, cosmetics helped beautifying the face and often turned a common face into a special appearance.
             I chose to write this paper because we live in a century where the inner image communication is an increasingly common topic, but also the channels through which the desired messages are expressed. I believe that makeup - the chosen colors, the specific style, the way of applying it and its purposes – bears encoded messages, symbols and has the ability of transmitting pieces of information about the wearer. Decoding messages is much easier now because we all understand what the color used for the makeup and the clothes wants to express. Therefore the makeup of each of us and the way we look, namely the self-image is a visible symbol that influences our relationships with others.

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