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Makeup and the Self-Esteem of Young Girls

            It was early Sunday morning and momma was getting us ready for church. She got us all dressed and then departed to the bathroom to apply her makeup. As I peeked through the door I watched as she applied her foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara. Momma then took out her Ruby red lipstick and painted it on her lips. When momma was all done, I thought she looked so beautiful. Not wanting to get caught I hid behind the door as momma excited the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I thought to myself, "I am not as pretty as momma." So I took momma makeup brush and applied pink blush to my cheeks. I then I took mommas Ruby red lipstick and painted on my lips as momma did. So I thought! Afterward, I looked back in the mirror with excitement. I said to myself, " NOW, I look Beautiful." As I skipped happily down the hallway the first thing momma noticed was her Ruby red lipstick smeared all over my lips. Momma then set me down and this was the first of many talks my mom had with me about make-up. I was 9 years old. .
             In today's society, young girls are being influenced by television, the Internet, magazines, social media, and by the closest people around them. But it is makeup that is captivating the hearts of little girls. With images plastered everywhere, young girls are absorbing a false and tainted perception of beauty. Should a child be allowed to wear makeup? What is the appropriated age to start wearing makeup? As makeup becomes more and more popular amongst younger girls they are beginning to struggle with self –esteem and the perception of what true beauty is because of this they should not be allowed to wear makeup until they are age appropriate and are content with their own natural beauty. .
             What is Beauty? .
             We all have a different characterization of beauty, but I found a quote that says a lot about what I think beauty truly is.

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