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Exposed : Teen Magazines

            Most of us are exposed to the media from an early age, and don't realize how much of an impact it has on our lives. With all the media that surrounds us it can be hard to develop a self-concept that is truly our own. It is also hard to filter out the negative media and see the reality behind the fiction. Teen magazines have become a dominant player in the development of the teen culture and have become highly popular within the past few years with a vastly growing selection comparable to chocolate bars. They are said to be the new "it" thing amoung today's rising population of young adults. But do these magazines reflect reality or do they create its on version of it? The contents and messages in these magazines may be damaging to the undeveloped sense of self of the reader. It is possible that the images and content in these magazines have become embedded into the young readers minds and have become a reality for them. This paper will examine and expose areas of the magazine such as the models image, the models body type and the sexual image that celebrity's carry, which give young teens a false and dangerous view on life.
             The models that appear in teen magazines portray a "flawless" image. The models appear to have hair in perfect condition, an amazing complexion and a slim, toned and tanned body. What many young teens, especially girls, do not know is that this flawless image is all thanks to computerized airbrushing. The images are continuously processed by young teens and they begin to feel bad about themselves, and wonder if something is wrong with them since they do not look so "perfect". Young teens should be aware of what goes on during a photo shoot. Before a photo shoot makeup is piled on the models, not just on their faces, but on their body too. Heavy and thick makeup is applied to make it look as if they are wearing minimal makeup; the makeup is also applied to look good in the different lighting that the photographers use.

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