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Shaping Your Child's Behavior

             "It can happen in the best of families" is an expression often heard in regard to rebellious teenagers. When a teenager is disobedient, parents tend to blame the teenager, bad friends, or negative influences. Americans tell themselves that even a child from a good home can be swayed by a corrupt environment. Parents and children do not share equal responsibility for developing a positive relationship. It is primarily the parents" responsibility to develop a warm and nurturing relationship with their children. A secure parent-child relationship is the most effective way to prevent future teen rebellion.
             There are many reasons why teens reject their parents" values. The first is that it is simply the nature of adolescents to search for their own identity and independence. Second, it's possible that there are psychological factors involved. Young people with learning disabilities are much more inclined to rebel over the frustration they are experiencing in meeting the expectations of their parents, teachers, and other authority figures. Third, a teen may be struggling with low self-esteem or depression and may be engaging in conduct that is aimed at obtaining the acceptance of his or her peers. Traumatic experiences such as a death in the family or the prolonged illness of a family member can be a source of rebellion. The values portrayed in today's movies, television, and lyrics of music young people listen to are also major sources of rebellion (Sorotzkin 2).
             Parenting styles contribute to greater or lesser degrees of rebellion in teenagers. While it is certainly a bad idea to expose vulnerable youth to negative influences, parents cannot afford to remain unaware to the significant role they can play in trying to prevent teen rebelliousness (Dobson 2). Based upon observations of hundreds of cases of troubled adolescents, parents who are reasonably sensitive and responsive to their child's emotional needs will not have to contend with a rebellious teenager later on.

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