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Youth Sports Shaping Young Futures

             Children often dream of becoming a professional athlete at one point in his or her young life this goal or dream is influenced by the their environment, media, and social encounters. Becoming part of a team or club can help build this dream, as well as self-esteem. Youth sports provide a safe environment where kids can build on their dreams and stay out of trouble at the same time. Having a goal oriented childhood helps for a more successful future. Playing organized sports has important advantages for younger children. .
             While others may say this statement is not true, there is more evidence to support it. Admittedly, athletics are not for everyone. Parents and coaches may push children too hard to win and therefore ruin their experience. When winning is emphasized to the extreme, a child may lose interest in the game and friendships between parents, coaches, and peers may be ruined. Some may also say "an excessive interest in sports may qualify as a form of visual-motor ecstasy" (Levine 45). Although these may have truth to them, are they powerful enough to have any reason in the matter. Having an involved and interested parent is inspiring to many youth. Most children have the desire to win in any situation, but especially when good coaching is emphasized. Sometimes winning is used as a way of teaching determination and persistence while providing motivation to succeed. This is not true in all cases. The people as well as the emotions involved in a child's athletic experience are valuable in a child's present and future success.
             To most children winning is not the issue when playing a sport. In fact, it may be the least important to a child during his or her early encounters in athletics. Yet some parents seem to think it is the most important to their child and for themselves. When this happens, results like irresponsible coaching and inappropriate parental behavior occur.

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