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Permanent marks

             Think back to when you were little, did you ever fall off your monkey bars and get a hideous scar? At the time it was pretty cool to have, almost like a badge of honor to show how tough you were. So what it was never going to go away, you weren't to be messed with, until you were older and realized it just wasn't as cool as it use to be. Especially now when you have to use a tube of make-up to cover it up with. Tattoos can be compared to scars with little hesitation. It's a permanent mark on your body and for awhile it seems like the greatest thing you ever got but as the years go by, and your old, wrinkly and gravity has taken hold, and your skin just isn't in the same place it use to reside, the tattoo seems more like a big mistake then an artful display of your personality. What's the big deal with tattoos anyway? Why would people want to get their pores pumped with ink? Some people get tattooed to mark a drastic change in their lives, or to highlight something that influenced them, either in a positive or negative way. Others get their bodies tattooed to show off their sense of pride or to underline important factors that marked their lives, such as a newborn baby, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a religious belief. In the end, many people get tattooed simply because they think tattoos are cool and attractive. When it comes to tattoos, bigger is not necessarily better. Also it might sound superficial but when you have a tattoo and it is being shown, if it doesn't match your attire it could ruin your whole assemble. And not everyone is open-minded, so most likely your means of ecpression will be covered for many occasions.
             Tattoos have steadily gained popularity in the last decade -- a trend that shows little sign of slowing down.
             A new study by a former CDC researcher suggests that getting a tattoo can significantly increase the risk of hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver for which there is no cure and which often leads to fatal liver disease.

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