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East Timor Genocide

            Genocide: the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group . This ideology was the cause of over 200,000 of East Timorese people's death since the mid 1970's. This inexplicable atrocity was spearheaded and controlled by the Indonesian leader Suharto. How? How could the people of the world stand by and watch as this man led his people to cause such bane to a nation? How could this man, a man who cause a previous genocide pass unnoticed and untouched? Was this really the product of priority, Cambodia or Indonesia? Which was more important, pressing and needed more help? Obviously this was not the case. The real priority in fact was western society's own unequalled greed. This Western greed would in fact, be the demise of the East Timor people. It was this greed that allowed a leader like Suharto to commit a decimation of his own people and then continue his maniacal trends with the genocide of a neighboring country. This unprecedented greed could not be possible without the essential help of such things as: Western society's propaganda, Capitalistic ideals, and fraudulent foreign policies.
             The capitalistic ideals of everyday life in Western Societies are the same ideals, which caused the death of so many East Timorese people. The reason behind this is a result of Indonesia's incredible potential, economically speaking. In fact the economic aspect is so promising for investors in Indonesia that the United-States, Japan and numerous Western European countries provided billions of dollars in economic assistance. The promising aspects in Indonesia were a very populous country with a significant amount of important natural resources such as gold, silver, coal, gas and oil. Agriculturally Indonesia produces rubber, rice, palm oil, coffee and timber. Indonesia is well known for its manufacturing exports. These exports include such things as clothes, footwear, electronic goods, and furniture and paper products .

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