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China and Their Government

             Although the communist system of government seems to be on the downfall with only a few remaining countries left that still use the system we seem to over look one very big country. China the world's most populated country seems to frequently get over looked as a major power in the world. I don't think that the United States government over looks them however the media does and the general population definitely does. The thing about the Chinese government that does draw attention is their human rights policies which have taken hits from many nations such as the United States and United Kingdom. But one thing that always seems to be over looked is how this country seems to stay in the hands of a communist leader. The government must have some sort of legitimacy to stay in power this long. While under communist leader ship has the relation ship of the people and the state been good or bad. Are there any things that the government has done in the past or present that have been disputed by the national community as a whole? What are the global policies of this huge nation which at times seems to get closer to being a friend of the United States while the next moment they do things that seem to pull them apart. The United States has had a long standing policy of being against communism because it oppresses the people of that nation; however they can not ignore such a large nation with so many people. While this country has survived through most of the other communist governments falling into oblivion this one seems to be prospering with or with out the support of the United States government.
             The people's republic of china was established in October 1, 1949. Since then they have managed to establish one of the most storied histories in the world however they didn't just arise from nowhere they are in fact the oldest state in the world being established in 221 B.C. They have much more history that began before the People's Republic of China came to power.

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