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Censorship in China

            Chinese government has always tried to keep a tight restriction on traditional and currently updated media. This is to ensure that there is no protest to any of its political authority. Media is controlled through monitor systems, publication website cancellations, and even imprisonment for journalists and internet bloggers. Google was a website that battled internet censorship with the Chinese government. The government is forcing the general Chinese public to accept censorship, and it is obvious that the Chinese are eager to find out information. Fortunately, media coverage in China is more diverse than ever before because of their growing economy that is flourishing better than ever before. I believe the Chinese's growing number of questions against their government will reduce some censorship, giving the public partial clarity over this issue. .
             Although, the government control circulating within China is too instilled to ever disappear. Chinese authorities, officially in Beijing, have a media policy that is trying to balance the need for more information with a set goal of maintaining extreme power. This policy involves various forms of censorship that controls content. Freedom is feared upon the Chinese government because freedom can possibly lead to a downfall of the Chinese regime. The Chinese law is going against its own constitution varying the right of freedom of speech and press. The Chinese government altered their law on guarding state secrets to tighten its control over the flow of information. This has happened as recently as April of 2010. The amendment demanded internet companies and telecommunications operators to cooperate with Chinese authorities in investigations into leaks of state secrets. Since censorship guidelines are so vague, authorities can deem just about anything as harmful to their economic and political interests. The first white paper on the internet was issued by Chinese government in 2010.

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