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Censorship: Freedom or Suppression?

            Intellectual freedom (including freedom to think, believe, read, speak, write, publish and protest) is one of the most fundamental of all basic human rights. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently attacked of all human rights. Censorship is "the suppression of ideas or publications that are deemed obscene or unacceptable". It is a form of control over intellectual freedom and comes in many forms such as bans, regulations and classifications. Censorship also comes from many sources, ranging from governments, to educational institutions, to reactionary individuals and even parents. So the question is, "should governments restrict information in the media?" The answer to this is simple, although there are some good reasons for restricting media; there are many huge reasons for not restricting information in the media. The biggest reason is again; the fact that it would also be restricting peoples fundamental rights. Fundamental rights people are born with; fundamental rights that are not too be removed. .
             In today's corrupted society many people feel as though government restriction on media is completely necessary in order to not do it or the younger generation any further damage. There is enough filth in the world without more being added to it. To these people, they are willing to give up a few fundamental rights in return for increased security from the government. These people tend to strongly value; security, order, and extensive government involvement. However if this were indeed the best solution then what would be the point on even having these fundamental rights? If the government is going to interfere and take them away in one instance what is stopping them from taking the away completely? Especially in many parts of the world where democracies take place. Democracies include people taking part in the society and paying attention to media in order to stay informed. If the government censors all the media, then people will be forming their beliefs on partial facts.

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