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China One Child Policy

             After years of following the Old Russian born doctrine of encouraging its citizens to have more children to live a better future The People's Republic of China drastically shifted gears in 1973 and began warning people of the impending doom caused by out of control population growth. One cannot debate that controlled population growth is a negative ambition however; it is all in how you control that growth. .
             As it stands now a Chinese nationals must obtain permission to be married as well as have a child. This seems to go against the fundamental human right to procreate. Furthermore almost all couples are not allowed to have more than 1 child. This policy of course could be extremely detrimental to the rural economy that requires the extra help of the children to work the fields and support their parents in retirement. Who will support these farmers when they can no longer work? Even more drastic is the affect this policy will have on the ethnic minorities. Approximately 92% of Chinese National are ethnic Hans however; some ethnic minorities number less than 1 million for instance the She stand at only 630,000, the Wa at only 352,000, and the Maonan at a miniscule 72,000. Many of these minorities claim to be under the one child policy as well. This can only be deemed genocide on the part of the Chinese government since these cultures probably wont survived if they are halved as the Chinese government is attempting to do under this policy. .
             Officially the sanction for multiple births in China is a fine. That recently has been increased to eight times the combined family income. If this fine cannot be paid the government does not acknowledge the newborn child existence. This means the child cannot attend school, and it becomes very difficult for this child to get permission from the government to live his life as he sees fit, for example to marry or relocate. Unfortunately these outrageous fines and social sanctions are in practicality not the only disciplinary action taking by the government.

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