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China and the One Child Policy

            China, the largest country in the world, is in the ongoing process of rapid economical development. With a large population, China has a strong potential to affect many different countries. However, large population can be a disadvantage to Chinese government. With an uncontrollable population, Chinese government introduced the One Child Policy in 1979, which limits couples' childbearing by heavy fine and punishment to reduce birth rates, to control the large population. This policy superficially solved problems such as stabilizing food, and water supplies by improving individual prosperity. However, the policy also brought unforeseen social, political, and economical impacts. The One Child Policy was beneficial to the government. The One Child Policy could decrease the increase of population, which could provide better lives for citizens. With the continuous increase of population, Chinese in poor areas suffered from poverty and unstable water and food supplies. With the policy, Chinese government will have less economical pressure on the welfare system that can ease poverty, but also increase quality of life by having family planning with population under control. Moreover, the policy can improve the quality of education. With the control of birth rate, students will be able to study in larger classrooms, with more attention.
             On the other hand, the One Child Policy was not always good for China. It brought many different problems. First, the little emperor and little princess problem emerged. Since most children were the only child, parents treated their children as emperors and princess. Therefore, they easily show an individualistic tendency. In the long term, this can also affect the economy. According to survey of Kelly Services America, 54% of Chinese businessmen who were less than 30 years old had plans for their own business. It is difficult to ignore the individualistic tendency of this Balinghou generation.

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