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One Child Policy

            It is well known that China is facing many problems. One of the major problems that people have become more and more concerned about is the Chinese population. .
             The population explosion occurred between 1950s and the 1970s. The cause of this explosion was mainly due to; there was no family planning of any sort. In those days, the main occupation of the Chinese people is farming. All the farming was done by men and animals. Therefore, the tradition that many sons were needed for farming had been existence for thousands of years. The old saying that "many hands make light work" was very much alive in the 1950s. This explosion created a big problem for China. With the ever increasing population, China would soon run out of land to grow sufficient food. It is difficult to feed, house, educate and provide jobs for these additional people. If the basic necessities of the life couldnt be met, then, certainly there would be huge immigration and even wars, and then the disaster would surely strike.
             Today, the population in China is about 1.2 billion, which is a frightening figure. In 1973, the China government told its people that the population growth was in danger. In order to solve this problem, China has no choice but to apply the "One Child" policy. .
             "One Child" policy is strictly enforced in the urban areas that each family should have only one child. The policy consists of three main points. They are; encourage delayed marriage and delayed child bearing, advocate fewer and healthier births, recommend one child per couple. However, there are exceptions if the child had mental or physical disabilities, the family can have a second child. .
             In order to enforce the "One Child policy", after the birth of the first child, family planning units were established across the country and information on the use of birth control pills and other devices became freely available to married couples such as sterilization.

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