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CHINA - One Child Policy

             One major feature of the functionalist perspective is that change is evolutionary. Meaning that change occurs due to the current needs of the society. This includes things such as new institutions being built, new laws, beliefs and values of that society being introduced. Chinas One Child Policy was introduced due to the current needs of the Chinese society. The Chinese population was growing rapidly, and if continued it would have effected greatly the countries economics, and also the lives of the people in China. The Chinese government needs to do something to slow this growth so they introduced the One Child Policy which to some extent has been achieved. Another point of the functionalist theory is that society has to live in agreeance on the norms and values in order to function properly. Although there was a lot of deviance towards the One Child Policy the majority of the country was in agreeance in that they would follow the governments policy. They did this by signing forms on the policy. Although this process was helped with rewards for signing these forms, with these forms of agreeance the policy was effective, and this change effected society as a whole and some extent achieved its purpose. The functionalist's perspective also points out that even though deviance is suppressed at first, given time this deviance may become reality when enough people recognise it as being correct. There is still some deviance over The One Child Policy, and in according to this theory this deviance may one day become heard and changes may be made. If enough people begin to disagree and fight against the government according to the functionalist perspective they should be heard. .
             THE ONE CHILD POLICY.
             Since the formation of political power by the communists in China, the Chinese population exploded. The population growth exceeded 2 percent for most years between 1949 and 1974. Due to this rapid population growth, the Chinese government introduced The One Child Policy rule.

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