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A Look at Japanese Culture

             This analytical research paper will discuss the modern culture of Japan using the description of the Japanese lifestyle, the people, and ethnocentrism. Culture of Japan has vastly changed over the years, however, many aspects of their culture still remain today in their modern culture. Why is family important? Who is in charge of the typical households? What is the diet of the Japanese? The "Lifestyle" section will answer all of these questions and many more. How do the Japanese people dress? What religion(s) do the Japanese believe in and practice? How do the Japanese use gestures? Under the "People of Japan", will be population information, language, religion, general attitudes, and personal appearance. What is the most popular sport in Japan? What is anime and manga, and why do the Japanese like it? The "Entertainment" section goes in depth about the different types of recreational activities and a discussion of anime and manga. Why is the Tea Ceremony important to Japanese? Under "The Tea Ceremony" section will be reasons why it is important to the Japanese. What exactly is ethnocentrism? Lastly, the "Ethnocentrism" section describes what the ethnocentrism is using examples of Japan and the United States of America. The last page concludes this paper. .
             Overview of Japanese Culture.
             Japan is a very diverse and cultural country that has many beliefs and customs.
             The culture has changed tremendously in the past thousands of years. Modern Japan's culture has a lot of different customs than the traditional culture; however, honor and respect are still very crucial to the Japanese. Families are typically nuclear. Japanese eat a variety of dishes and usually worship one or more religions. .
             Family is very important to the Japanese, because it is the structure of their society. Typical families in Japan are nuclear, consisting of the mother, father, and children. The father is the person that is in charge of the household, similar to the traditional Japanese families.

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