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First Japanese Business Meetin

            How a US Executive can Make a Good First Impression on an American Executive upon their First Business Meeting.
             Japan, a country within the continent of Asia, is a chain of islands located east of Korea with a population exceeding 125 million. Japan does business in a wide range of industries and the Japanese are open to receiving imported products. The Japanese dominate the industry of electrical and electronic equipment and they are also top leaders in the production of vehicles, machinery, and chemicals. The Japanese are also main leaders in the fishing industry. Why is Japan so successful in their business endeavors? According to my thorough research, the answer to this question lies within the heart of the Japanese culture.
             The Japanese welcome businesspeople from abroad and take pride in delivering high quality products. They strive off being highly motivated, resourceful, and very industrious. Respect, honor, courtesy, and patience are virtues held dear to the Japanese. Japan generates over $185 billion in sales for the United States, which makes them an important business asset. Unfortunately only one in twenty-five negotiations between North Americans and Japanese are successful. Most of these failures can be attributed to avoidable intercultural impasses (Engholm back cover). This report will demonstrate the issues, which need to be addressed to prepare for your business meeting in Japan and how you can make a good first impression. First impressions are a key, for when Japanese businesspeople make a decision it will result in a long-lasting business relationship.
             This report addresses the question of how an American executive can make a good first impression on a Japanese executive upon their first business meeting. My purpose is to inform those interested in the subject as well as give recommendations to management and other people who may want to implement a strategy for improving their employees' or their own communication skills.

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