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Communication in Japan

             Achieving success in Japan for many international corporations is harder than simply learning to use chopsticks. To be successful in the Japanese market, foreign businessmen must be aware of the etiquettes, communication skills, dress codes and gestures that are appropriate in Japan. Before setting up business in Japan, it is very important to remember that before a relationship is established, the communicator needs to make certain assumptions about the person or organization to which communication is being addressed. The basic assumption involves the Formality Factor. An assessment should be made on the degree of formality the person or organization will expect from you. As the assessment is made, bear in mind that; Asians are more formal than Westerners, older people are more formal than younger people; people in larger organizations are more formal than people in smaller organizations, people in older, established organizations are more formal than people in younger entrepreneurial organizations, and people in older industries are more formal than people in newer industries.
             Communication Guidelines for doing Business in Japan .
             To minimize language problems in business communications in Japan, basic communications guidelines need to be remembered. Communication refers to the message perceived rather than the message sent in an organization, according to (Beck 1999). Many visitors to Japan have discovered that the Japanese style of communication is significantly different from communication in the West. These differences can create a serious strain on a business relationship if not understood. .
             For example, the Japanese rely more heavily on non-verbal communication than Westerners do. The Japanese have developed an extremely rich system of non verbal cues, over time. Silence plays a different role in Japan also, and it is used expressively in ways that may make the Westerner feel uncomfortable.

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